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Hair Transplantation in Odessa
Modern FUE Technique
Unique Equipment in Ukraine
About YBH Clinic American
The clinic offers services to improve the appearance and quality of hair.
For many years of work, the medical team has accumulated a great deal of experience in hair transplantation, so that it is recognized worldwide. As a result of the manipulations, there are no stitches and scars, so the surrounding hair transplants will not be guessed.
In our clinic you will receive:
No flights
No need to overpay for flights and living in a foreign country. We brought the best specialists from Turkey. The full range of treatment takes place in your city!
Lifetime warranty
We provide a guarantee document after the operation. Confirming that transplanted hair will grow like your natural hair and have a natural look.

Qualified doctors
We have the best doctors from Turkey. With experience of over 13 years in hair transplantation. As well as a team of highly qualified assistants.
Modern equipment
Our clinic uses the latest, unique in Ukraine equipment that has all the necessary certificates and licenses.

Consultation free
Both personal and electronic consultations are available in our clinic, which are provided free of charge!
Flexible payment system
We provide the opportunity to pay for services on credit, and discounts for privileged categories of citizens.

Our specialists
Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan
Ongoing Hair Transplant Surgeon
Actively participating of Hair restoration Surgeries since 2013 with advanced method of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique.
Dr. Svetlana Tolstonog
She graduated from ONMedU in 2011. She trained at the Medical Center of Berlin, an AMWC certificate recipient, MD Codes Allergan Medical Institute.
Dr. Gökay Bilgin
Ongoing Hair Transplant Surgeon
Gökay Bilgin MD. has been graduated from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty which has been established in 1827.
Hair transplant process
This is the stage at which the doctor develops a plan of action for the patient and creates a hairline design.
Our clinic performs 1-day and 2-day operations. The operation is performed under local anesthesia, which contributes to rapid postoperative regeneration.

In the postoperative period, our patients receive detailed and accurate oral instructions for the care of the site of translantation.

intensive hair growth after surgery begins after 4-5 months. Final results are visible after 12 months.

Do you give a lifetime warranty on hair transplantation?
Yes, we are ready to provide a guarantee document after the operation. Which confirms that the transplanted hair follicles are connected to your scalp, and once they have healed, they will not fall out. Transplanted hair will grow like your natural hair, and have a natural look.

The guarantee will be valid if you have not undergone any targeted therapy, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or any other procedure and disease that may damage your hair.
How long does the procedure take?
On average, the procedure takes 6-8 hours, depending on the number of transplanted follicular hair.
Is hair transplant performed with general or local anesthesia?
Hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia after an allergy test.
When will I see hair transplant results?
After two months, your transplanted hair begins to grow. After 6 months, you see half the result. After 12-18 months you can see the final result.
Is hair transplantation painful?
No, since hair transplants are performed under local anesthesia, you do not experience any pain.
Why micro FUE?
The Micro FUE method is the process of extracting follicular hair from donor areas using micro-forceps, without any cuts or stitches, and implants of these follicles are transplanted one by one in the recipient area.

This is a painless method that leaves no marks on the skin.
Any questions?
Just leave your phone number, we will call you back and answer any question.
Feedback from our patients:
Oleg Sukhorukov
Great job, no scars as promised, I can live life to the fullest again, without complexes because of the hairline ...
David Keosayan
The guys did an incredible job!
I never would have thought that I would walk again with a chic head of hair)
Когда сын рассказал, что это доступно прямо у нас в городе, незамедлительно посетил клинику, получил прекрасную консультацию от опытных специалистов. Все мои сомнения развеял главный доктор, я смело доверил ему свою проблему, результат превосходный!
It is great to see that specialists of such a level have appeared in our country!
Several years have passed since YBH returned my healthy hair, I recommend!
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